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Storing data

When reading Hurraki-websites, not more data than the usual are recorded in server log files.

Every word that is contributed to the Hurraki project, is considered as published.

If you write something, keep in mind that it will be recorded forever. This includes articles, user pages and talk pages.

Publication of data

When editing Hurraki-pages the user name or your IP address will be recorded and linked with your contribution.

As user name you can choose your real name or a pseudonym.

Disclosure information and data to third parties

Data published in Hurraki are under the terms of the CC-License agreement.

Private information, such as e-mail-addresses, Hurraki will not sell, or otherwise disclose to third parties.

Data security

Hurraki hold no guarantee against unauthorized access to information that you supply.

Data deletion

Once created, entries can not be deleted.