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[[de:Hurraki:Über Hurraki]]
[[de:Hurraki:Über Hurraki]]
[[es:Huraki:Acerca de]]
[[es:Huraki:Acerca de]]

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Hurraki is a Web page

Hurraki is a work of Hep Hep Hurra.

Hurraki Pictures is a Photo Library.

A Photo Library for Easy To Read Pictures.

Hurraki use a Wiki-System.

Like the popular Wikipedia.


Many written and spoken words are complicated.

Some people don`t understand difficult words and text.

Words and Text on Hurraki should be for anyone

Everybody should understand.

No one should be excluded.

Everybodyhave the right to understand information.

With Easy To Read Pictures it is easier to understand.


Plain Language is important.

It is not baby talk.

Everybody can learn to speak and write in Plain Language.

Needs some practice.

But it is also fun.

Hurraki is a free project